Vaderbilt V90


Una 90 de 1964 con 4 marchas en lugar de las tres originales.




La descripción de los cambios hechos por su dueño:

“My bike is a 1964 v90 (with the small engine door).. it was a 3 speed originally. I bought an NOS 50 Special motor case and put a 4 speed gearbox in.. PK stock gears.. with a DRT 27/69 primary setup and DRT XL2 clutch and SIP XL2 cover. I use the DRT F1 Runner tree. I use a PX type flywheel side needle bearing with an adaptor ring to fit the case.. The cases were welded and decked, and I generously opened them up to match a Polini 130Evo that I also ported and polished. 54/105 ETS Mazzucchilli full circle crank cut into a “porkchop” by Al at Hotrod Scooters.. he did a beautiful job. Case opened up slightly to fit the larger webs.

I run a Keihin PWK35 carburetor on a Strohspeed intake manifold with Polini Reeds (I had to enlarge the intake hole in the frame under the tank) and a Franz Curly exhaust.. Ignition is a Vespatronic with an MMW aluminum flywheel… I use a spacer ring to space the flywheel cover out to fit with the MMW flywheel.

I have a SSC front disc brake, SIP master cylinder.. I cut the brake lever perch off the headset and made a plate to hold the master cylinder and had it welded to the headset, then I smoothed it all out and had it repainted… the color is an classic Porche color called “Meissen Blue” In the pictures the 1st seat is from Streamline Seats in Germany.. and the one in the last picture is an Ancillotti large frame (Sprint, Super type) seat from Scooter Center that I cut and modified.

There is a Bumm leg shield mirror on the headset from SIP, and in the center of the spare tire is a storage bag I came up with and had a friend sew together for me.

The tires are Schwalbe Racemen. BGM F16 Pro suspension front and rear.”